Flat Bush School Goals For Our Kids

- 1 -

  • Children will demonstrate a high level of self-worth and resilience. (Self-worth and resilience are enhanced by areas such as wairua, spirituality, culture, the arts, academic success and sport. Children are treated holistically)
    • Senior
      I am know who I am, I am proud of who I am and of my culture
      I accept and meet challenges
    • Junior
      I know my name and my culture
      I try hard and never give up

- 3 -

  • Children will be effective communicators who can work cooperatively and collaboratively. (in
    English and their home language)

    • Senior

      I can work effectively in groups and with others (take turns, show respect, take different roles, share information, encourage others)
      I can share my ideas/needs/wants so that others understand me (greater and more appropriate range of vocab and correct sentence structures)
      I can interpret information accurately (retell in my own words with clarity and detail)
      I can use different/multiple ways to communicate information
      I can communicate effectively with a range of people in different situations and mediums
      I take responsibility for my own learning 

    • Junior

      I can work with other children in a group
      I can let others know what i want/need and share my ideas
      I can retell in my own words so others can understand me
      I can use different ways to share information
      I can talk with different people in different ways
      I take responsibility for my own learning

- 2 - 

  • Children will be confident, competent, inquiring, self-motivated lifelong learners demonstrating a high level of academic achievement. (Striving to reach their best) 
    • Senior

      I actively seek out information, I want to learn
      I am able to develop my own questions for inquiry
      I can make sensible decisions when accessing and interpreting information confidently
      I can reflect on my own learning and decide where to go next (or I know where I am at in my school work, I know what my next goal is and I know how I am going to get there)

    • Junior

      I can use the 5 Ws to ask questions
      I know how to look for information
      I can find the answers
      I know what I am good at and what I need to work on
      I can set a goal and work towards it

- 4 -

  • Children will be responsible and active global citizens. (Also refer to values page-10 of the
    N.Z curriculum.)

    • Senior

      I can work cooperatively with others
      I can share my ideas so others can understand
      I can interpret information effectively
      I can make sensible decisions
      I can work individually or as part of a group
      I can express opinions appropriately in various situations

    • Junior

      I can work in groups and with othersI can share my feelings/needs/wants
      I can understand ideas (information)
      I can make good choices
      I can work on my own and with others
      I can say what i think in the right way at different times