Board of Trustees

We are the new Board of Trustees of Flat Bush School

  • Mrs Tofa Paniani  Chairperson
  • Mrs Elizabeth Makoni
  • Mrs lafo Asiata
  • Ms Daena Roberts
  • Ms Rachael Taipari
  • Ms Dinah Winiata (Staff representative)
  • Mr  Banapa Avatea- Principal
  • Mrs Sheree Ellison- Secretary

We meet on the third Wednesday of each month at 3.30 in the school Board Room. Parents are always welcome to come along and share with us.

Flat Bush Charter for 2017                   2017 charter.docx

Annual plan 2016                                 AnnualPlan2016.docx

Minutes of August Meeting                  Minutes23August2016.docx

You can contact any of us if you have any concerns about the school