Minutes  BOT Meeting 15 June 2016

Present: T Paniani, D Winiata, P Chamley, R Taipari,L Turner, L Makoni, D Roberts, L Asiata, J Shirley

Apologies: Nil

Karakia by Elizabeth

The outgoing BOT Chair welcomed all members then the Principal took the chair and called for nominations for chairperson

T Paniani was the only nomination (Moved D Winiata, Seconded E Makoni)

T Paniani took the chair

May minutes accepted as a true and correct record

Moved T Paniani               , Seconded  L Makoni

Principals report

H&S policies given out last meeting were adopted but we need to work particularly on the EOTC part of these

Cleaning issues explained

Spouting. Agreed to go ahead with this, quote was for $3817 + GST

Fire Alarms explained, repairs being carried out

Uniforms. Looked good. Can we, check with parents as they come in and check on washability by washing them a few times. If that all looks good then go ahead without coming back to the board

Moved P Chamley  Seconded T Paniani


No issues here but can we check what is meant by Accumulated depreciation

Moved D Winiata    Seconded  R Taipari

Moved that we go into committee to discuss staffing issues

Moved   T Paniani            ,Seconded E Makoni

Moved that we go out of committee

Moved T Paniani          ,Seconded D Roberts

The following should be in the public record from the IN Committee discussion

Resignation from L Turner, effective end of T2

Resignation from J Chamley, effective end of T 3

Resignation P Chamley, effective end T3

Moved                Seconded


NZSTA and Election related

Who is attending conference? Tofa will attend

Moved T PanianiSeconded M Paki


Louise, rachael and Lafo left the meeting

Discussion around farewell for Louise

Assembly on the last Thursday

Staff farewell on the Friday

Invite the community via the newsletter

Lunch to farewell M Paki, Friday week, 12.00. At Republic Pat to organise a gift

Meeting closed at  8.00 with karakia by Daena

Next meeting is 27 July at 3.15

Minutes  BOT Meeting 30 June 2016

Board Special Meeting re Principal Appointment


T Paniani, P Chamley, E Makoni, R Taipari, D Winiata, J Shirley, L Forbes (Consultant)

Tofa welcomed and introduced Larry Forbes who will guide the board over the new Principal appointment process

For the purposes of the process the group present today will form the subcommittee, but minutes go to all members, and all will be involved in the shortlisting and interview process

Larry worked though the items below with questions from the board members as we went and clarification where needed

All meetings after this are “in committee”

  • Any conflicts of interest must be disclosed, does not mean the person can not be part of the decision, just needs disclosure

  • Existing principal should be involved throughout the process but not in the interview or short listing

  • Staff rep is fully involved, but as with other members confidentiality is essential

  • Need staff and community feedback, staff being done at present, community early next term in time for interviews

  • Queried the best way to get community feedback, suggested just part of newsletter with request for written responses

  • Advertising must be national, suggested in Gazette but that if we want an actual add in the paper version it be a small one, most responses come from online. Pat to put add in gazette

  • Pack needs to be ready once ad goes online, put the pack on the school website using a link from the home page. Needs to be ready before 15 july and include

    • NZSTA appointment application,

    • cover letter,

    • charter,

    • ERO report

    • Values,

    • Person specifications

  • Add goes live on 15 July

  • Visits for only shortlisted applicants, others can make informal visits if they wish

  • Pat to meet any applicants wishing to visit

  • Inside applicants need to be considered, not likely to be any

  • Can shoulder tap applicants, but must be careful you are not offering a job, just suggesting they apply

  • Once CVs come in individual board members need to read them so we can shortlist as a group. Pat should look at these as we'll just to try and identify any risk factors

  • Interviews, larry will run these as a conversation , but board members can join in as they want to

  • Expect applicants to put together a 5 min presentation

  • Questions given to applicants five minutes before the interview

  • Support people welcome so long as we know they are coming and only 1 person,not a whole group

  • Referees contacted by Larry by phone, one before the interview, one after if necessary

  • Successful applicant informed by Tofa, Unsuccessful by Larry who can also provide them with feedback. Confidentiality is essential at this stage

  • Applications by snail mail

Subcommittee needs to meet again on Wed 6 July to write the advertisement and person specification