Room 12 - Year 3
Mrs Cissy Zhao


 Welcome to our Marvelous Room 12 of 2016!

It is now Term 4!

Room 12 is still with the same group of students since the beginning of the year; 12 grils and 17 boys.  The classroom is open from 8.30am.  Students are encouraged to be at school by this time so that they can get organised for the day.  You are also welcome to come into the classroom to see your child's work or to discuss your child's learning with me. 

For successful learning, your child needs a nutritious and healthy morning tea and lunch every day. Flatbush School is a health promoting school therefore food that is not appropriate, such as lollies and chocolate, will be sent home at the end of the school day.

It is essential that your child brings their hat to school every day at this time of the year.  If they do not have a hat they will be directed to the shaded area of the school to play during break times. 


During Term 4, Room 12 will be working on the following: 

Mathematics: Numbers and Geometry

Language: Written language will cover personal recounts and Persuasive Writing; Reading will focus on using strategies to improve comprehension; Oral language will cover social conversation norms and responding to questioning during learning time; Handwriting looks to develop the students’ ability to link letters to begin a personal cursive style.

Physical Education: We are learning to uplift our softball skills as well as our athletic skills.

Art: Mrs. Hansen is back this term to teach Art to the whole school.  Every class is having 2 days during this term to do artwork.

 Inquiry: Toys and Games  

I look forward to meeting with you during the term.  If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to meet with me after school to make a time that suits us both.

 Kind regards

Manu Fonohema


Home Work 


  • Make sure you are learning your basic facts, including your tables.
  • challenge your child with 2-digit number multiplications as well as divisions. 


  • Read for 30 minutes per night. Please make sure that you record what you have written in your Reading log book and make a comment. I will be checking these on Friday


  • practice to spell the words and use them in a sentence


  • listen to the news on TV or radio  OR   read the newspaper if can't access to the TV or a radio; in your own words, write down the information in chronological order, try to add technical words, add a range of sentence starters, get to know what you are going to share when it is your turn.  

 Useful Children Links: To do these online activities, right click on titles below then click 'open link in new tap'.  

Maths Online - wikispace 

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Malo 'Aupito