Room 17 - Siliga Stanley


Talofa lava everyone!

Welcome to our class page, our class is a Samoa class consisting of Years 5 and 6 'awesome' students who are all Samoan.

We love to learn and speak in Samoan and English. We are Room 17 and we love to share our experiences, have fun, laugh, sing and dance. We think we are a cool class because we like to encourage each other and solve problems whether it be at school or at home. We have four super cool group leaders who help us and encourage us to learn. 

So, join us on our ongoing journey about us on our page.

Home Work For This Term:

1) Reading - Join the local Library and borrow books regularly.

2) Times Tables - Learn from 2x to 12x daily.

3) Unit Study - 'Environment'

We are inquiring about Environment.  

Guided inquiry leads us through 8 stages or phases in our learning:

  1. Open: an invitation to inquiry

  2. Immerse: build background knowledge

  3. Explore: explore ideas that interest the students

  4. Identify: identify an inquiry question and decide a direction for the inquiry

  5. Gather: find information from a broad range of sources and think about it broadly and deeply

  6. Create: reflect on, make meaning and create communications from the information

  7. Share: present the learning and learn from others

  8. Evaluate: assess what was learned and whether learning goals were achieved, and reflect on the content and process.

The Following Links Are To Help Us Improve our Reading & Maths: