Room 19 - Years 5 & 6
Ms Emily Fernando 


Kiaora, Kiaorana, Fakalofa Lahi Atu, Talofa Lava, Malo e Lelei and Greetings


Welcome to Room 19's Link Page of 2015; Yes, we are Room 19 now!

Our motto in Room 19 is "Work Hard, Be Nice". Each day, we try our best to follow the class motto so that we can be successful in our learning and social interactions.

This term we have been studying animals, plants and the human body. We try to make this a part of maths, reading, writing and visual art. Keep an eye on our wiki page to see photos of this work.

 Classroom Visits

Room 19 is open to parents and caregivers. I am in the classroom from 8:30 every morning if you would like to visit to look at the work your child has been doing or talk about your child's education. I am also available to talk after school if you make an appointment through the school office.

Home Study


At home, I recommend between 15 minutes and 30 minutes reading each day. Of course, if your child wants to read more then they should be allowed to. The children are welcome to take a school book home each day. Also, in class we use two reading websites called FreeRiceReadTheory and MrNussbaum. Students are encouraged to use these websites at home as well. 

Basic Facts

Year 3 students are expected to learn addition and subtraction facts to 100, and to memorize the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. In class, the students are learning to use different number strategies to solve problems they might encounter in the world. 

Please have a look at the New Zealand National Standards for Year 3 students.


Writing at home is optional. Your child can choose to write a story, recount an important event, perhaps write a letter or list the ingredients and instructions of a favorite recipe. 

Physical Play

As you know, exercise is very important for the physical and mental health of your child. Getting enough exercise will make your child happier and healthier.

Room 18 Wiki page

On this Wiki page you will find lots of useful links to help with your child's learning.