Room 20 - Years 4, 5 & 6
Whaea Dinah 


Kia Ora, Kia Orana and Welcome to Term 2, 2016. This is another busy and exciting term at school. 

Room 20 is a Year 3 class. This term there are 23 students altogether in room 20. 

Here are some exciting topics that the children will be learning this term:

* Keeping Ourselves Safe

*Food Technology


Room 20 Home Work:

Homework - Every Monday, room 20 children will be bringing their homework books home to do and to work with you. The Homework will be about maths, reading or sometimes will be about everything they are learning in class. They are expected to return their homework to school every Friday to be marked. Please I will appreciate all your support.

Reading: Children are expected to bring their reading journals home every night to read with you along with some questions for you to ask them to help out with their understanding. Last term and beginning of this term there are some children that always forget to bring back their reading books. PLEASE remind your child to return their readers to school on the next day and Please sign their reading logs. 

Spelling:nOn Mondays children will choose and write their new spelling words in their notebooks for them to learn. They were encouraged to bring it home to learn every night and making sure they bring it back the next day. On Friday they will have Spelling Test.

MATHS -This term room 20 is learning about Geometry, and in Week 4 they will be learning Multiplication & Division. Please help your child to learn their times tables and practice their working out at home. Some days they will be bringing total of 4 maths equations home to do. Please help them out. .

Another thing that I really want you to help is get your child to read their numbers. It will be a great help if you push your child to know his/her numbers up to 1000. 

Sport: Every Wednesday morning at 9:30, room 20 children is learning about Soccer. The lesson only take 30 minutes. Everyone is enjoying all lessons. 

Garden To Table: In week 5, your child will be learning about gardening and cooking. There will be experts helping them in this area. 

As a teacher in room 20, Lets all do our part in supporting our children with their education. 

Haere mai, Awhina mai.