Room 7 - Years 1 & 2
Miss Elizabeth Heather & Miss Karen Browne


Room 7 is a mostly Year 2 class with three year 1 students. There are 19 wonderful students and two great teachers. We also have support from three different special Teachers that come in to help with the students.

Miss Heather is in the classroom from 8.55 until 11.45 and Miss Browne is in the classroom from 11.30 to 3.00.  We work together to give your children the best chance of learning that we are able to give. Every child works at a different pace and learns in different ways.


1) Reading the book in my book bag and bringing it back to school every day. This means I can take a new book home the next day to help me practise my reading.

2) Maths and additional alphabet or basic word worksheets are glued into homework books.

Remember to bring book bags and books back to school every day.

Homework is marked on Fridays.