Working Together - Miss Elizabeth Heather



2017 is our fourth year of running the Working Together programme and I am pleased to say that many parents have had lots of positive feedback in the work that is involved in it. Thank you to all parents who have made the time to attend all the scheduled meetings with me. These meetings are always valuable and meaningful for all parents/caregivers as it informs them about their child's learning. It also gives parents the chance to ask questions or discuss how they can best support their child/ren's learning at home.

What is Working Together?
As a parent, you want to know how your child is doing at every stages of their learning. Working Together will give parents the opportunity to understand and to discuss all aspects of their child's learning at school.

Working Together is about helping parents and whanau to understand how their child is progressing in their learning over the first three years at school. It is about supporting parents to help their children in their learning at home.

How Working Together works - (the basics)...

  1. The co-ordinator will contact the parent/caregiver after their child has had a major assessment, example School Entry Assessment, 6 year net.
  2. The co-ordinator and parents will decide where to have meetings, when, and what time of the day within the school hours.
  3. The co-ordinator will provide parents with specific information (ie, assessments) about their child. - All assessments will be discussed in detail.
  4. The co-ordinator will share the 'next steps' or goals for learning at home with parents. ('Next steps' or goals are set by classroom teachers).
  5. Parents will be given resources to help achieve the specific set goals at home.
  6. Arrange another meeting time with parents.
  7. Note: We are able to support parents with translators if required. There will also be follow up reviews - this will be discussed with parents in meetings.

There will be ongoing learning conversation with parents to:

  • Ask questions
  • Select next steps for learning at home
  • Take home suggested learning resources to support learning at home
  • Understand data about their child's achievement

Please note:
It is important to remember that these meetings are about your child's learning and not about their behaviour. You are welcome to discuss other issues with your child's classroom teacher.

Some questions are best answered by your child's classroom teacher and I can help you develop these questions.

Please make every effort to give honest feedback so that we can make the programme more effective for everyone. We will send out an evaluation form for you to be able to do this.

With your ongoing support in your child/ren's learning, they will have a much more pleasant learning experiences both at home and at school.

Looking forward to meeting with you all

Miss Elizabeth Heather
Working Together Co-ordinator